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Yoshiki Foundation

March 2011. A small, but significant opportunity for me. I was asked for a design following the Tohoku earthquake and submitted the design “LOVE FOR JAPAN” with the country behind it. It was on the Yoshiki Foundation ( website for some time. A t-shirt of the design was autographed by Johnny Depp and up for auction in one of the foundation’s first auctions. It was an honor to have made a small contribution to a great cause.

X JAPAN – X Perience package at Lollapalooza

July 2010. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had being with is designing the bulk of the official X JAPAN X Perience fan package for their August 2010 debut performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL. There are 5 elements of the package – t-shirt, ‘thundersticks’, tote bag , bracelet and photo. While some very talented designers put in some great designs, ultimately we were informed simple was better. I submitted an idea and not only designed most of the package, but I also designed the print flyers and some of the web graphics. The images here are courtesy of our merchandise site at GoMerch, which you can find here.

VAMPS 2009

In 2009, I’d only been working with for months. A partnership for promoting the VAMPS 2009 tour was in process and flier designs were needed. Among a number of other web and print designs requested and submitted, ultimately, no fliers were printed. These are among the designs for the original club flier. Page 1, however, is based on an existing flier already made. Some modifications were made for clarity and information.