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ONE OK ROCK August 2017

Special personal note on this show: This was the first concert that I shot after needing a wheelchair. These photos are the most shared of any show that I’ve shot. ONE OK ROCK, while not considered by many Jrock fans as “Jrock”, are one of the most prolific bands from Japan outside Japan, which is an incredible accomplishment.

MORRIE Solitude 2018

(First appeared on On January 31st, MORRIE held an intimate performance at the 99-seat capacity Kraine Theater. This was the second of his Solitude performances in the New York City that stripped away flair down to a man, his guitar, his music and his words. Fans might be more familiar with his bands DEAD END and creature creature in addition to his solo work. MORRIE has been considered one of the original fathers of modern Jrock and Visual Kei. Indeed, his style remains visual, an expression of the man as much as his music. That’s not to say that his music is dark and foreboding. During the interlude between songs, MORRIE delighted the audience with little stories that spoke of philosophy, of what it means to be human, punctuated by soft humor and a sharp wit. While the songs were the focus for the evening, MORRIE made the entirety a performance. One could genuinely feel the appreciation he had for his audience and likewise, the near silence from the audience during the performance of …

Live Report: the GazettE at the Wiltern, Los Angeles, May 2016

For a decade and a half -almost-, one band in particular has embodied the soul of visual rock to not only be pioneers in style, but in sound. While they skate the edge of ‘legendary’ in the eyes of many, there is also little doubt that there will ever be a band like them again. They’ve had the makings of a serious force since their inception and in recent years, their music has proven time and again that their creative force is still on the rise. That band is the GazettE. From 2002, fans of Visual Kei and Japanese rock have at least heard of the band and likely numerous songs over the years. Most Japanese music fans can name a few songs even if they’re not die hard fans. It’s testament to their reach and influence to be able to reside in the memories of so many. For those dedicated ones who have come to love this band and their music, were you to ask any one ‘what is your favorite song?’ The response …