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Japanese rock in Rock Band

Why Rock Band? Get ready for a little tl;dr. Since Rock Band came out in 2007, it has been a pioneer of the music video game genre. Other titles have come and gone with varying degrees of popularity. What made Rock Band great was its ability to license great songs by great artists for inclusion in the game. They also listened to fans on who else they could ask to be included in the game. In 2008, Harmonix announced a Rock Band: Japan game. In association with Q Entertainment, a developer in Japan, the game would feature Japan venues and include Japanese artists and their songs. Ultimately, issues with licensing prevented the game from being produced. What this means is that the rights holders for those songs would not, or perhaps were leery of, licensing their songs internationally, which is the license required with Rock Band. Thus, those songs would be able to be played or downloaded anywhere in the world. Back in 2008, this was a very major concern. Not everyone knows that not …

X JAPAN – X Perience package at Lollapalooza

July 2010. One of the coolest experiences I’ve had being with is designing the bulk of the official X JAPAN X Perience fan package for their August 2010 debut performance at Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL. There are 5 elements of the package – t-shirt, ‘thundersticks’, tote bag , bracelet and photo. While some very talented designers put in some great designs, ultimately we were informed simple was better. I submitted an idea and not only designed most of the package, but I also designed the print flyers and some of the web graphics. The images here are courtesy of our merchandise site at GoMerch, which you can find here.