Interview – GACKT

September 2011. Some interview questions were also obtained by various staff at the time.

JrockRevolution.com recently asked GACKT some questions about various topics. Read up on his insightful responses!

Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

Many people, yourself included, assisted in earthquake relief—do you feel you have accomplished your goal of showing people’s hearts and bringing a smile to the people of Japan?

Japan is hardly close from recovery. My country needs all the help it can get and I will not stop supporting the victims of the East Japan Earthquake through YFC and my solo career as GACKT.

What activities are you currently involved with for post-earthquake/tsunami relief?

Through “SHOW THE HEART”, we have raised donations and shipped necessity supplies to the victims. SHOW YOUR HEART will continue to expand outside of Japan to support the children all over the world in need of help.

Tour in Europe

For the second time, you are touring in Europe, do you have any expectations for this tour compared to your last?

It was the second time, but the band members were new so I wanted the fans to enjoy the new world of YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, and experience the never before seen performance of having twin vocals and triple guitars.

For audiences seeing you for the first time, what do you imagine they think of when they see the title “Yellow Fried Chickenz”? What is it you want audience to associate with this title?

YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz is a sarcastic name but I have no intentions of offending anyone. Just listen to our music and come to our gig, and you will understand the meaning behind the name.

Being a solo artist for many years, do you ever find it difficult in group activities to compromise on creative liberty while maintaining your image/message of the song?

The most important thing is what message you want to get across to your fans regardless of being a group or solo artist. I know nothing can be single handedly done on my own. All my work involves numerous people behind the scenes, and I believe the key to success is collaboration.

For those waiting to hear your message in person at a concert, what would like to convey to them?

Always keep your head up. I hope to encourage those that need a little push in the back. I want to give people hope and to let them believe, what you imagine can become reality.

Bunraku & International Exposure

You have participated in many Japanese Animations as a voice actor, where did the interest to use your vocal talents for projects other than singing, begin?

Voiceover is very interesting to me because it’s my voice giving life to the character. It’s different from singing and I enjoy doing it very much. I can’t remember what my first voiceover project was…

Are there any similarities in the process of creating your image for a character, to your process of creating music?

It’s similar in the sense that I always create characters thinking what I want to express from it. I try to find a characteristic inside me that can relate to the character, which makes the character become personal.

Not only are you featured in Bunraku, you have also been offering your talents as an actor to various Japanese dramas. Is there a draw for you, to these characters to be able to take on another persona other than GACKT?

I always try to show why GACKT is performing as that role. There is always something inside me that can relate to the character, and I enjoy the challenge of expressing my version.

How have you come to be part of projects, such as Bunraku, television dramas, animation or video games?

It always varies. In Bunraku, Guy Moshe flew all the way to Tokyo just to see me. His passion for the film made me say, “Yes”.

With your first Hollywood movie, do you hope to continue doing films on a more international level? What types of roles are you hoping might come up?

Working at the international level is very important to me. Taking part in international projects allows me to express to the world what Japanese culture and Bushido is – a core element in how I think, feel, and see life. I am aggressively looking for international opportunities right now.

Have you given thought to perhaps directing a film in addition to acting?

The role of a director is the leader in filmmaking. I think it’s still too early for me to take such responsibilities. But someday, I do want to challenge myself and direct my own movie. I am, in a sense, directing my own stage performance so I guess you can say I’m getting there.

Your role in Bunraku was that of a samurai. A type of role you’ve played in the past. Was this the greater appeal? Given the fantasy aspect of the film, how did playing this role differ than those in the past?

It’s different in that my past role as a samurai was based on a true historical figure. There is a lot more fighting with Yoshi, which was a lot of fun. And Yoshi is samurai that never carries a sword, so that was an interesting appeal to me.

During production, were there any new challenges that you encountered that were different from previous acting roles?

I don’t think I had a problem with dialogue, but communicating to express my thoughts and feeling with the cast and crew was a challenge.

What was interaction like with the other cast members?

Everyone was friendly and great to work with. I became friends with all the cast and crew and continue to have a great relationship. A lot of the cast have supported me and Japan through my charity SHOW YOUR HEART. I cannot thank them enough. Thank you guys!

The fight scenes in Bunraku were very elaborate. Despite how safe such activities can be, did you manage to obtain any injuries during filming? Or inflict any by accident?

I think everybody was constantly hurt or injured. There was a time when I think I lost conscious too. Luckily there weren’t any major accidents or serious injuries.

What was one great memory that you took away from filming Bunraku?

The brutal schedule . lol.


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