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JrockRevolution.com and Anime Diet shared an interview for Uchuusentai NOIZ. After a long day, we opted for a shorter interview, yet it was very enlightening! Our thanks to Anime Diet for letting us include their questions and the photos taken after the interview.

Your battle suits are creative and unique. When you designed them, what inspiration did you draw upon?

Kyo: There isn’t one specific thing; it is [in general] Japanese culture is one of the main draws.
Masato: Hm. X-Men. Eye candy.
Angel Taka: There isn’t anything specific such as “oh, I like this”, but the main theme is ‘Asian beauty’.
Yamato: Creature.
Kotaro: [did not get translation]

[In relation to the suits], you were posing on stage. Are you posing because you were specifically influenced by the sentai dramas?
Uchusentai NOIZ: It’s not so much influence – we are space rangers…

As individuals outside your powers as heroes, what would you consider your personality strengths and weaknesses?
Kyo: My strength is being positive. The weakness is without thinking, going into action.
Masato: My strength is that once I start concentrating on one thing, I can work on it forever and ever. The weakness is I can’t do anything else if I’m doing one certain thing. Like not picking up the phone. Or holding it instead of going to the bathroom.
Angel Taka: The strength is that I can ‘hold it in’, but you know, as a child… and the weakness is that I can’t take pain that much.
Yamato: Positive is that if I decide to do something, even if it takes three years, five years, ten years, I could keep working at it. The weakness is that even if I’m picking a piece of bread at the konbini I’m very much at my own pace.
Kotaro: Strength is that I can cook. The weakness is that I can’t keep track of expenses.

Back to the costumes, you each have your own color – what prompted the decision to make those your specific color?
Uchuusentai NOIZ: The image colors were chosen, as they were the favorite of each member. Kyo’s first choice was taken by Kotaro because the aura color in Kotaro’s past life was ‘blue’, which is why he’s blue.

If each person of the world could do something to help Uchuusentai NOIZ in your quest to promote peace and happiness, what would you have them do?
Kyo: I want everyone to be smiling.
Masato: Me too.
Angel Taka: Listen to our music!
Yamato: I want everyone to build bridges between the countries so we can cross them and go all around the world.
Kotaro: I want everyone in the world to constantly feel the love.

Because the costumes and makeup are elaborate, how long does it take each of you to prepare?
Kyo: Twenty to thirty minutes
Masato: Thirty-five minutes after that.
Angel Taka: Three hours.
Yamato: I was born this way
Kotaro: In real time it’s about an hour and a half. In my mind, it’s about 20,000 years.

Could you describe what you would think a girl or boy could do to make themselves more attractive or gain attention from you?
Masato: My eye actually goes to the people who have huge smiles and are going crazy in the crowd. That’s the main people that my eye goes to during a live.
Kyo: For guys and girls, the more ugly you look, like when you’re smiling so much you’re ugly, it’s what attracts attention from me more.
Angel Taka: Sexy costumes.
Yamato: I feel like with whatever they’re wearing, if they’re having fun with it, then we could be attracted more. Their voices calling to us.
Kotaro: They have to be smiling. Letting out an aura, like a natural attractive aura spiritually and someone that’s just. Going to be looking at me. Someone who feels the same way as myself.

What attracted you to your current instrument?
Masato: How I started was that I used to be a drummer and I actually wanted to play bass, but there was only a singer and myself, so it was going to be hard if it was just a bassist and singer, so I started playing guitar.
Kyo: I originally wanted to play keyboard, like a key-tar, and I wanted to become really cool with it. But it was too expensive and I couldn’t buy it. So then I thought about a guitar, but it’s got too many strings. I got a bass because it had four strings and now I play a five-string bass so it keeps getting harder and harder. In the end, I started bass because it was easier.
Angel Taka: I haven’t actually played in any band other than NOIZ. In the beginning, I was playing guitar, but I switched parts with the singer because I really, really wanted to sing. That’s why I became the vocalist.
Yamato: I used to be a guitarist in the beginning and my four friends and I were going to be in a band and two of them wanted to play guitar. I felt bad, but then thought I’d play the drums instead.
Kotaro: My older brother started playing guitar so I started playing guitar. I thought, ‘hey, maybe I’ll get popular with the girls’. During that time, even though I joined a chorus group, I was singing and I thought, “hey, maybe I’ll become even more popular with the girls as a singer, too”. I tried that, but then I started playing guitar again and I thought, ‘maybe I’ll get more popular with the girls this way [instead]‘.

Interview by: JrockRevolution.com and Anime Diet
Interview photography [below] courtesy of: Uchuusentai NOIZ and Anime Diet

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Our thanks to Uchuusentai NOIZ, PMX and Anime Diet